Saga & William


About us (and you)


Internship dates:
22nd of February
➵14th of March 

Hey there, we’re Saga and William!
It’s great to finally meet you, albeit digitally.

What’s funny is that we’ve been keeping an eye on AKQA since before we even knew you existed. See, when we looked at our notes of campaigns we like it turned out that most were made at your offices. This made us determined to apply for an internship at AKQA and thanks to our friend Maria Lashari we’ve now been formally introduced.

As you saw in the video above, we believe great things happen when you mix different creative expressions. What’s cool is that we too are a similar kind of mix. Saga is a former
rock star
who’s now exploring her passion for visual communication and William is a trilingual chronic troubleshooter who weaves copywriting with amateur coding of robots and websites.
    See more of our work here: